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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Voltads Monetize 100% Of My Traffic?

Yes, we pay you for all countries and all devices. Our fill rate is 100% because we work with many partner networks and only display the ad with the highest bid for each impression.

How Much Will I Get Per 1.000 Impressions?

Our eCPM rates depend on the quality and geo of your traffic, but most of our publishers get a eCPM of $5.00 or more.

Is Voltads Safe To Use With Google Adsense?

Yes it is, when you create your ad tags you can select 'Only Adsense Safe Ads' and we will only display ads that are fine to use with Google Adsense on the same page.

When And How Will Payments Be Send?

Payments are sent bi-weekly via Paypal when you reach a minimum of $25.00.

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